Revamp Your Bland Bathroom

CNC Corporation's home remodeling services will improve your bathroom in Olympia, WA

Your bathroom's full of features that you want to replace. When you wash your hands, you notice that the sink basin is too small. When you shower, you're distracted by cracks in the wall tiles. If this sounds familiar, you need to make a change. CNC Corporation provides comprehensive home remodeling services in Olympia, WA.

Not sure where to start on your bathroom remodeling project? Consult a remodeling pro from our team today.

3 great ways to improve your bathroom

3 great ways to improve your bathroom

When you choose our services, we'll bring more than 30 years of experience to your service. Our fully trained and well-equipped team can handle your:

  1. Bathroom renovation, for when you only want surface-level updates like fresh paint drywall repairs.
  2. Bathroom remodeling, for when you want to give your bathroom an overhaul, complete with new plumbing and electrical wiring.
  3. Bathroom addition building, for when you want to expand your cramped bathroom or add a new one to your building.
You can count on us for reliable home remodeling work in Olympia, WA. Call 253-222-9535 now for a free estimate from an experienced remodeler.